OiDar was subjected to a first-hand experience of how the traditional method of radio audience measurement can have such an impact on the company valuation and monthly revenues.

We understand that audience is a key performance indicator for a radio station, but is the traditional process providing a true indicator and representation of the listening audience? Or is it just a “higher or lower” comparator to the competition in neighbouring transmission areas and not the basis to trade advertising reach?

OiDar Audience Measurement, but how?

At OiDar we have researched the global methodology in audience data collection and decided to take a hint from the best and conjoin “actual audience data” from mobile, web and audio streaming data to enforce and impact the traditional data collections.  We have also decided to collect the audience data using real-time logging and simplistic digital feedback.

How is OiDar different?

OiDar will provide audience data with the following additional changes to traditional global methodology from the 1st August 2018:

Feature One

Audience data will be published monthly, 24 hours after calendar month end.  The benefits of running live data are that we can report at any time and could even report “as run” statistics, the same as television reports and bills its advertising.

Feature Two

Audience data will be provided as a weekly trend over the calendar month on an hour per hour breakdown and will also report by a show across a number of sequential hours.

Feature 3

The audience reporting will include ‘actual data’ from website navigation, mobile app usage, on-demand listening, studio interactions and live streaming services.

Feature Four

The data can be reported per “radio show” for sponsorship audience data and radio dj performance management, but more importantly to provide sponsorship and competitor analysis.

Feature Five

To trade on national and local advertising no specialised software will be needed nor a requirement to send log files across the internet.  Our systems notice what time the advert was actually played via advert detection in your audio transmissions.

Feature Six

You will trade on the data immediately so that in the event of occasional poor performance during a single month, due to a name change or DJ change, the business can be recovered within a shorter space of time.

Feature Seven

Data will be reported by town, meaning local, regional and national radio stations will be shown as performing in each town separately depending on their coverage area for more accurate comparisons and higher yielding advertising campaigns.

Feature Eight

The data will be reported with an accuracy level, a “confidence value” depending on the sample size that all of our systems have collected, to be fully transparent on the amount of data that was used to report the figures.  For instance if website data and mobile app data were not available it would show a “short sample size” so 3rd parties will understand if your figures are unexpected due to data being missing.

Would you like to be OiDar measured?

I am sure you will agree that OiDar will provide  a far greater representative accuracy and transparency that is required for radio stations to be able to predict higher revenues, faster fill rates and open the doors to investors seeing a true performance measure.

As part of our reporting and to allow all radio stations to benefit from our services, we are offering to provide national revenue bookings with a possible 100% unsold inventory fill (subject to remnant pricing agreements) without the requirement for expensive software solutions or additional uniquely skilled staff.  We are sure you would be happy to fill 100% of inventory every month to provide additional revenue and obviously a higher business valuation based on inventory fill rates.

Get in contact with us

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of OiDar all we have to do is link your audio streaming and on-demand resources with our servers via one of our packages and list you to our service before the 1st July 2018.

Please contact us as soon as possible as we have already recruited a number of broadcasters and we have had to cap the initial phase to a fraction of the industry for phase 1.

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