Here at OiDar we have noticed that the highest number of hours of music consumption across the UK has been via spotify and apple music style platforms, with tunein and pandora taking a large proportion of online radio and live audio channels. However, this seems to have been completely ignored or shunned across the radio industry.  People are consuming music and audio podcasts via internet connectivity on phones, in cars, and on desktop computers.

The future is going to bring 5G Internet with speeds and coverage much greater than that of 4G mobile with unlimited bandwidth and almost gigabit speeds.  4G can already bring exciting audio to moving vehicles, but 5G will bring the stability to exceed DAB, this is not just a fear for the industry, but we believe it to be factual.

in-car IP radio in-car IP radio standard issue on ford and volvo models

Here at OiDar we have developed a suite of apps that work on all popular devices, mobiles, tablets and even in-car stereos that will provide the ability for people to consume radio everywhere.   More details will be released over the coming weeks before the launch in July 2018.

Radio Player is already very successful and being used for many thousands of hours every week in cars to replace DAB and FM services.

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