As well as providing addressable advertising for TV and Digital content, Videologic is also a full-service platform for radio/ audio marketing, giving advertisers everything they need to run effective campaigns and stations the right sound for their listeners.

We represent various radio stations and brands across the UK offering cross platform solutions; including airtime, sponsorship, promotions, branded content, events and digital. Thus, ultimately providing multi-layered campaigns to advertisers that weave their brand into the fabric of the stations, immersing itself into the community with engaging and compelling solutions.

As a result of this, radio stations and audio content producers are able to monetise their content at a far greater level, through advertisers paying a higher rate for spots due to the audience data we provide.

With Videologic advertisers can easily measure the performance of their audio ads, what time audiences listened, whether they visited their website and how far down the purchasing funnel journey they went. Videologic allows advertisers to interact with current and new audiences, capturing them when they are most engaged with audio, whilst producing an effective monetising strategy for audio producers and radio stations.