Videologic's specialised software was purpose-built to bring the efficiencies and intelligence of programmatic advertising to the constrained TV, digital and radio marketplace.

Our software solves the unique challenges posed by media advertising – from planning to measurement – all on one simple platform.

Combing realistic audience data and instant reporting with unique advert replacement technology, both advertisers and producers are able to sell and buy advertising simply, with correct and realistic data.

The Videologic system allows advertisers to build, manage, and monitor multiple campaigns with a time-saving interface, whilst providing content producers with a stress-free platform to sell their advertising spots rather than having to hire a costly sales team.

We provide dependable and guaranteed scaling as your company grows, from hundreds to billions of requests, mixing direct sales with multiple header bidding partners to maximise revenue.

Key Services

  • Instant reporting and realistic audience data, based on real statistics not predictions
  • Dependable and committed support team available 24/7
  • Easy to use and manage platform saving time and money
  • Advanced scheduling and pacing for campaigns to produce the highest revenue outcome
  • Geographic and platform targeting, allowing advertisers to access the right audience in the correct areas on the appropriate devices
  • White label interface, allowing content producers to customise the look of the platform to suit their brand and attract publishers and advertisers