Oidar provides all of its services across four main packages, audio only and radio video.  These packages are complemented with the options to add monetisation, additional audience measurement,  transmitter audio distribution or fully managed replacement FM and DAB transmission.

OiDar includes FM, AM, DAB, 4G and IP delivery under the single term of “broadcast”, delivering services as an integral package to all devices.

By joining all transmission points into a single OiDar contract save a considerable amount of spend in cash as well as supplier management and monitoring.  The integrated parts allow us to provide a higher SLA using the various other broadcast techniques as secondary backup points.

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what is OiDar?
radio monetisation
audience measurement
monetised live studio
mobile & in-car radio
video advertising inventory
radio industry news
video radio service

OiDar Digital

per month
dedicated studio fibre connection
managed studio broadcast equipment
unlimited web streaming
multi-bit rate encoding at 320kps
full quality audio logging for 180 days
full online broadcast statistics
managed omnia audio processing
7 day catch-up audio player
up to 2 additional b-channels
Monthly OiDar audience measurement
fully managed DNS servers for primary domain
5 microsoft exchange email accounts
250gb of backup and ftp server storage
dedicated channel on kapang

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OiDar Broadcast

per month
all of the bronze features plus +
upgrade to 365 days of audio logging
upgrade to a total of 4 b-channels
show based OiDar reporting
studio live 247 video service
no bandwidth charges on video
programmatic video ads
100% fill of unsold video inventory
single studio camera installation
upgrade to 10 exchange email server accounts

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OiDar Broadcast Plus

per month
all of the features of OiDar Broadcast plus
up to 16 b channels
100% unsold on-air inventory fill
advertising inventory store
three camera automatic switching
dedicated mobile apps
dedicated smart tv and ott apps
upgrade to 3tb backup & ftp storage
upgrade to 15 Exchange server accounts

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OiDar Contribution

per month
ethernet distribution of audio feed to transmitter site
24/7 monitoring and loop back listening
99.9 SLA with full reporting
automatic 4g location backup
All the features of Oidar Broadcast plus

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OiDar Transmit

from £745 (optional extra)
per month
full installation of managed hardware on your own site
n+n hardware specification
full audio processing and rds
24/7 monitoring

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Oidar Transmit Plus

from £845 (optional extra)
per month
managed fm transmission
n+n kit install for full resiliency
full audio processing including rds
full duplex ip connectivity
full online monitoring
streaming audio feed from nearest tower
fully managed site

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