At Videologic, we specialise in TV, digital and radio advertising.  Our technology helps Advertisers and Media Companies manage, measure and optimise digital video and TV advertising to drive greater media value results.

Videologic's specialised software was purpose-built to bring the efficiencies and intelligence of programmatic advertising to the constrained TV, digital and radio marketplace. Our software solves the unique challenges posed by media advertising – from planning to measurement – all on one simple platform.

Gone are the days when watching TV meant planning your life around the schedule of the broadcasters, where the entire family would gather around the TV set at the same time to catch their favourite shows. Now, viewers watch what they want, when they want, and how they want, across all media devices.

With such fragmented, time-shifted audiences, how can advertisers ensure they are reaching the right viewers with the right message? Programmatic and Addressable TV advertising is the answer.

What is Programmatic and Addressable TV?

We are often asked what programmatic and addressable TV is and the difference between the two.

Programmatic TV is the automation of audience-based TV advertising through a software platform. 

Addressable TV uses programmatic technology and advanced audience segmentation to deliver specific video ads at a household level in real time.

Both approaches are fundamental to Videologic's specialised system, providing users with a tailored approach to advertising, both for the seller and buyer.

Our goal is simply to design a solution for both video and audio broadcasters, enabling publishers to efficiently monetise their inventory, whilst delivering advertisers a single advanced buying platform.